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Задачи: 1. Практиковать учащихся в диалогической, монологической речи, письме             

по теме.

            2. Практиковать учащихся в написании писем, заполнении декларации.

Воспитательные: воспитывать у учащихся любовь к Родине, чувство гордости за свой край, город.

Оборудование: флаги России и США, тематические картинки, выставка книг, журналов, указатели с наименованиями города (штата), где проживают члены делегации.

                                                    Ход урока

Учитель (Т): Dear comrades! Our American friends have just arrived in the airport Minera | Waters look! They are at the customs now.

I.                   Ролевая игра  "На таможне” ("At Customs”)

Customs inspector:  Hello! Who is the group leader?

Group leader:  I'm. My name is John Clark.

-         How many members are there in the group?

-         Twelve.

-         Here  are  your customs declarations (Члены делегации заполняют декларации)

-         Where are you from?

-         The United States of America.

-         What is the purpose of  your visit?

-         Tourism. We want to see Russia and learn more about your town  Kislovodsk, our twin town.

-         How long are you going to stay in Russia?

-         Five days.

-         Where are you going to stay?

-         In Kislovodsk.

-         Have you got anything to declare?

-         No, we haven't

-         Open your luggage, please.

-         Here you are.

-         Have a good time in Russia.

Таможенник собирает декларации.

Учитель: Dear friends! We are happy to greet our American guests from Muscatine, Iowa. You know Iowa is the twin state of the Stavropol  Territory and Muscatine is the twin town of  Kislovodsk. We have gatherea together to speak about our towns and territories, to learn more about each other. Let us begin with the Stavropol  Territory.

II.                Заочное путешествие по Ставропольскому краю и Айове. Практика учащихся в устной речи по теме.

1.     Географическое положение, население Ставропольского края, Айовы.

Р1. (Ученик 1): Our Stavropol  Territory is located in the North Caucasus between the Black and the Caspian Seas Its  territory covers over 66 thousand square kms. The  territory is devided into 25 districts and has 22 towns and many villages. The largest political economic and cultural centre of the Stavropol  Territory is Stavropol, which was founded more than two centuries ago.

     The population of the Stavropol  Territory consists of more than go nationalities because it is a mult cultural area. About 80% are Russians, more than  5% Ukrainians etc. All nationalities of our territory differ from each other, they speak different language their culture and religions are different, but they live in friendship and understanding.

     P2 (Iowa): You know, Iowa is a multicultural region too. A large number of  Iowa pioneer settlers were European immigrants – Germans, Swedes, Irish, English, Russians, Australians, French, Italians and others. Many of them came in groups to establish  separate communities. They still retain traces of their Old  World Cultures, which add variety and interest to the life of the state.

    For example, Orange City was founded by Dutch settler. This community is as vivid as thousands of colouful tulips (картинка), and every gear in May the residents celebra the Tulip- Time Festival. It's very interesting to watch magnificent tulip beds, festive costumes, street scrubbe  and Dutch folk dancing.

     P3 (Iowa) Another community the Amana Colonies was founded  in 1855 by German – speaking people seeking religious freedom. Until 1932 the Amana people lived under a religious- communal system, sharing work, meals, goods and religious services. Today the Amana people while cherishing their heritage live their daily lives like the rest of their fellow Americans (картинки).

2.     Сельское хозяйство ставропольского края, Айовы.

About the Stavropol  Territory again.

Р4 (St.T). The Stavropol  Territory consists of  lowlands and highlands. Some mountains are covered with forests. The main rivers of the  territory are the  Kuban and the Terek . The Kuban flows into the Sea. The climate of the territory is mild. It's not very cold in winter and it's warm in summer.

      The Stavropol  Territory has a highly developed agriculture. We produce a lot of different products Wheat, sunflowers, corn grow here. The Stavropol  Territory is called the granary of our country.

P5 (Iowa).  You see growing corn is another common feacher of your territory and Iowa. Our state is located in the Midwest and belongs to the Corn Belt states  / suchas Ohio, Indianna, Illinois, Kansas and others. The land of  Iowa is fantastically fertile and the state is famous for its highly- developed agriculture. Year by year it ranks among first in the country in the production of corn, soybeans and pork (картинки)

      The name "Iowa”, meant "Beautiful land” to American Indians. Today Iowa like other states in the USA has several nicknames. One of them is The Tall Corn State”.

P 6 (St.T). I  have read that Iowa is also called "The Hawkeye State”.   Is it true?

P 5 (Iowa). Yes, it's really so. This name was taken from the Indian chief Hawkeye, who was the terror of travelers in the days of the Wild West.

3 Знаменитые люди, жившие и посещавшие ставропольский край, Айову.

P 7 (St.T) There  are many places of interest in the Stavropol  Territory. Many of them are connected with the names of famous Russian people such as Lermontov, Pushkin, Tolstoy and others. The 1st President of the Soviet Union M. Gorbachyov  was born and lived in our territory.

P 8 (Iowa).   You see, we, Americans honour very much the birthplaces of our presidents. The residents of our state are proud of the fact that the 31st  President of the USA, Herbert Hoover (President from  1929 to 1933) was born in our state.

4.  Отдых в Ставропольском крае и Айове.

P7 (St. T). Such towns in the Stavropol  Territory as Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki are worth visiting because they have many sightseeings and they are famous health resorts of  our country. They belong to the towns of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The area of the Caucasian Mineral Waters is rather small, about 1200square kms, but the nature here is beautiful and mineral waters give health to millions of people from all over the country. The sculpture of  the eagle is a symbol of these health resorts (картинки).

Р9 (Iowa).  In our state there are no health resorts but every city and town in Iowa has its own tourist centre and recreation area. That's  why many  tourist come to our state to have a rest and to go sightseeihg.

P 8 (Iowa).  There are a lot of sights in Iowa. One of them is one of only seven  Presidental libraries in the  nation in West Branch,  Herbert Hoover's birthplace (картинки)   . the library contains not only books but also rare and extremely interesting  exhibitions. For example visitors can view a remarkable display of objects owned and used by more that 40 First Ladie  of the USA. Dresses owned by Mrs. Eisenhower, Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Ford… Painings  by Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Wilson. These and huadreds  of other objects introduce visitors to those remarkable women who have served as hostesses in the White House.

P 10 (Iowa).  One of the most beautiful towns of our state is Des Moine. It is the capital of  Iowa .

T (учитель). Do you have anything else to tell about Iowa and the  Stavropol  Territory. No? I'm sure you want to know more about our twin towns Kislovodsk and Muscatine. Which town shall we begin with?

P11 (St. t) With Kislovodsk.

III. практика учащихся в написании писем на английском языке.

T. But first, listen to the task. Some students from Muscatine could not come to Kislovodsk, but they want to have pen pals from this town. Please, write them letters about yourselves and your tow  (Ученики выполняют разноуровневые задания: дополняют предложения в готовом письме, пишут письма сами)

IV. Практика учащихся в устной речи по теме «Мускатин – Кисловодск»

Кисловодск – жемчужина Кавказа, Мускатин – жемчужина на Миссиппи.

P11 (St. T). My  hometown  Kislovodsk is located in the North Caucasus in the west of the Stavropol  Territory. It  is one of the famous spas in Russia. The spa is surrounded by mountains which protect in from horthern and eastern winds That is why the climate in Kislovodsk is very mild and the air is fresh and transparent. The mountainious climate and the mineral water narzan make our town one of the famous health resorts in the world. Winters are mild here and there are many sunny days. That' s why the town is often called "the sunny town”. Other honourable titles of Kislovodsk are "the health capital” , "the Narzan capital”, "Rearl of the Caucasus”.

P12 (Iowa).  How interesting! Our town Muscatine is also  called  pearl, "pearl of the Mississippi”, because pearl buttons were made from Mississippi River shells in it.

2. Основание Кисловодска, Мусатина

P13 (St. T). And  now about Kislovodsk again Our town is famous for its mineral water narzan and takes its  name from the Turkis words "ache-su” or "sour  water”. The local residents called so the mineral water narzan. The town has rather a long history. It began in 1798 when the first curative season was opened  near the narzan  spring. In 1803 the fortress was founded near the spring and in 1812 the fist wooden bath house with three bathes was built.

P9 (Iowa).   You see our town Muscatine is much younger. It was founded in 1836 as the town of Bloomington, but later its name was changed into Muscatine. Some historians think the name was taken from  the Muscatin Indians who lived in this area in the  18th century and others believe it  was  derived from an Indian word meaning "burning island”. The name of  Muscatine was officially adopted in  1850. Lumbering was the first major industry in the  town's early years. Muscatine is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and by the late 1890s button making made the town the Pearl Button Capital of the world. As we have already mentioned our town is called "Real of the Mississippi”.

3.     Парки Кисловодска, Мускатина, достопримечательности.

Р14 (St.t). Let us return to Kislovodsk again. You know our town has a beautiful curative park. It was laid by Engrlgard in 1823. Now its area is more than 1400  square kms. There are more than 250 kinds of  trees in it. Terrainkur is one of the mehnods of treatment and there are about seventy kilometers of terrainkur pathes in the park. The park  is the pride of  our town.

P15 (Iowa).   In our town  Muscatine there are two big  parks too: Weed park  and Wild cat den State  park. Weed park   located in the Northeast section of  Muscatine was a gift to Muscatine in 1899 from Dr. James Weed. The park covers a total of 12 acres, 69 of which are land acres with a 3 acres lagoon. The are all kinds of facilities to have a good rest there.

P16 (St.t). Again some historical facts about Kislovodsk . in 1830 the settlement near the fortress became the town of  Kislovodsk. The town began to grow. Many people came here to drink the famous mineral water narzan, to restore their health. In 1858 the narzan Gallery was built by the architect Upton in the traditions of the Gothic romantism, spread in England in the 18th century. The Director of the Caucasian Mineral Waters Smirnov offered to fill bottles with narzan and in 1896 the first narzan plant began to work. 5000 bottles were filled with narzan in the first year  of its work. Nowadays our narzan plant produces  100 mln bottles of narzan annually (картинки)

P17 (St.t).  Kislovodsk in indeed a wonderful town, at every turn there is something to catch your eye: the Mirror Pong and the Glass Stream built in 1897, the building of the Main Narzan baths constructed in 1904 from designs by the architect Alexander Klepinin, the Snow – white Collonade, built in 1912 by  Nickolai Semyonov, the terraced staircase built in 1935 by Zalesskaya and Shevchenko and many others. The Custle of Cunning and love, Ring Mountain, Honey waterfalls are situated not far from the town and attract many tourists too (картинки).

Т. Iam sure you will visit all these points of interest in Kislovodsk later.

4. Выдающиеся люди, посетившие Кисловодск, Мускатин.

P18 (St.t). Many outstanding people visited our town. Among them are Pushkin, Lermontov, Shalyapin, Chekhov, Repin, Stanislavski, Rakhmaninov and others. The well known Russian artist N. Yaroshenko lived and worked  in Kislovodsk at the end of the 19th  century. His museum known as the "White villa” was opened in 1962. There are more than 50 canvases by Yaroshenko in this museum/ here is one of them the portrait of the academician Gerdt (картинки).

P 19 (Iowa).    Our town Muscatine was visited by many  outstanding people too. One of them is Mark Twain the great American writer, who lived  in Muscatine in the summer of 1854 Mark Twain once  wrote: " I remember Muscatine for its summer sunsets.  I have  never  seen any on  other side of the ocean that equaled them”. Our noted sunsets , joined with the rolling terrain, quiet neighborhoods and strong sense of family, home give Muscatine a special personality of its own.

We love our home town very much a want to sing the American song "Home on the Range”

Песня «Дом на ранчо».

Oh, give me a home where the  buffalo roam.

Where the deer and the antelope play,

Where seldom  is heard a  discouraging word

And  the skies are not cloudy all day.

P20 As we have already mentioned our town Kislovodsk is called " the health capital” be cause there are 30 sanatoria and 12 boarding houses in  it. They provide guests of our town with first class medical service. During the Great Patriotic War our town was hospital town and it was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War First Class for   its contribution to the victory over fascist Germany.

P21.Kislovodsk is one of the most multinational towns in the world. More than  90 nationalities live here in friendship and understanding. Our school is a striking  example of  multiculturalism. Except Russians there are many Arminians, Karachaevtsi, Abazintsi, Koreans, Belorussians, Georgians and many other nationalities here. Now we want you to see the national Karachaevsky dance.

Карачаевский танец в исполнении учащихся 11 А класса.

V. Ответы учащихся на вопросы учителя о Ставропольском крае, Айове, Кисловодске , Мускатине.

Т. No doubt  you have learnt much about our twin  regions and towns. Now  I want you to answer some questions about them. Take a sheet of  paper and answer the questions, please.

1. What king  of  regions are Iowa and the Stavropol  territory?

2. What are the  capitals of Iowa and the Stavropol  territory?

3. Are  both regions multinational?

4. Which largest rivers flow in Iowa and in  the Stavropol  territory?

5. Which presidents of the USA and Russia were born and  lived in Iowa and the Stavropol  territory?

6. When was Kislovodsk founded ? When was Muscatine founded?

7. How are Muscatine and Kislovodsk called?

8. Kislovodsk famous writers and poets  stayed in Muscatine and Kislovodsk?

T. I see you have  remembered  much about our  twin regions  and towns. Now pleas read us  aloud the letters which you have written to your American pen pals from Muscatine.

VI. Учащиеся зачитывают письма американским друзьям (контроль написания и оформления писем).

VII. Итог урока.

T. Dear comrades! Thank you for taking park in the conversation. Such meeting help people to learn more about each other, to understand each other better, to live in peace and understanding. Now let us sing the American song "Here is my hand”  Music bu F.G. Porter. Песня « Вот моя рука, друг»

I. Here is my hand, fiend, here is my hand,

   Over to you from my bonny home land

   Building the future, comrades are we,

Here is my hand, friend, over the sea.


II. Over to you, friend, over to you!

     Here is my hand, fiend, we will be true –

     True to youth' s   prom is never  to break

     True to the new world we are going to make.


III.             Here is my hand, fiend, over to you!

               Building the future, we will be true –

              True to the new world, let it ring clear

               Peace is our future, peace much live here.

VIII.  Домашнее задание. Рассказать о Кисловодске, Мускатине.

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